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Who is Burkina Faso coup leader Lt-Col Damiba?

[ad_1] Holding the grand title of "President of the Patriotic Movement for Safeguarding and Restoration", Lt-Col Damiba forms the West African triumvirate of military rulers - along with Guinea's charismatic Col Mamady Doumbouya, who was also born in 1981, and Mali's bearded Col Assimi Goïta, who is the youngest of the trio, having been born in 1983. [ad_2] Source link
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Hundreds of dolphins filmed off Pembrokeshire coast

[ad_1] A large pod of 400 dolphins has been filmed off the Pembrokeshire Coast.They were seen leaping from the water at Strumble Head, near Fishguard, to the amazement of members of Sea Trust Wales.Cliff Benson, founder-director Of Sea Trust, said: "In over 20 years of recording cetacean species from Strumble, this is almost beyond belief. "Never before have so many dolphins been seen so close to the shore."Mr Benson said
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Koshka Duff: Professor says she faced victim blaming over police claim

[ad_1] Dr Duff said: "After the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, the police put out statements saying women should challenge officers they think are behaving in a dodgy way, kind of again putting the onus on women in a victim blaming way, saying you know, if you don't challenge them and stand up for your legal rights then that's the reason you might be raped and murdered. [ad_2] Source